We are
Contrast Advisory.

Accredited GRC advisors.

Assuring performance.

Our business is assuring performance by aligning risk exposure with business strategies. We are accredited advisors helping our clients develop their business performance by using risk management as a business enabling differentiator.

Information security

Contrast Advisory offers information and cyber security services spanning from strategy and governance, through to information handling and cyber security resilience. Our services are tailored to each specific situation and always focuses on delivering in line with overall organisational strategies.

IT governance

We support our clients by offering IT governance services from strategy establishment and planning to performance monitoring and reporting. Our services focuses on business performance and governance frameworks that are flexible enough to deliver continuous improvement and future success.

IT risk

We offer services in a range of IT-risk spanning from establishing a risk universe, assessment methodology, response plans to monitoring and reporting. Our risk services cover technical as well as cultural and organisational challenges whilst not losing track of overall business goals.

IT compliance

Contrast Advisory offers compliance services related to internal compliance, governmental and public service compliance, through to industry specific regulatory compliance. We aid organisations in assessing and tuning their systems of internal control so that they adequately measure and manage the compliance risks they face.

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